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Home » Site News » Know the Shaiya GMs

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Don't worry. You're in very good hands.

Before we go all out in the OBT, please take time to know more about your Shaiya Game Masters. For the coming days, they'll be your tutors, your enforcers, your guides and your friends. Read through and you might discover some similarities among yourselves.

GM Mossy

GM Mossy is the Product Manager of Shaiya Online. He's been in the online gaming industry for many years now, fueled by his passion for online gaming since his teen years. A De La Salle Computer Engineering graduate, GM Mossy worked his way up from being a game assistant to being one of the most reliable Game Masters in Amped. He became even more popular when he was with WarRock as its Quality Assurance Officer. Through GM Mossy's dedication and remarkable technical skills, WarRock is considered the least hacked FPS game in the Philippines, earning him the right to lead the team for Shaiya Online. Rumor has it that he's learned a little Korean over the years.

GM Zyn

His ruthlessness and aggression was effective when he handled abusers in the online game GetAmped in the past. Now, GM Zyn takes his fierce disposition with him as a GM for Shaiya. He had the experience of working for two different gaming companies after getting a degree in Computer Science from AMA University. He further developed his game management skills, spiked with his trademark strictness when he joined Amped. ######ly unfriendly to oppressors and bullies in-game, GM Zyn is an experienced protector of the community and an active event planner as well.

GM Sylk

Shaiya needs fresh ideas and a whole new online gaming perspective - that's where GM Sylk comes to play. The University of the Philippines graduate got some big brains for Shaiya Online, which he looks forward to use especially in ground events. Other than that, he has excellent background in computers. Active in the community when it comes to assisting players, GM Sylk has great potential in becoming a remarkable GM, which is prized by his mentors GM Mossy and GM Zyn. It's natural when it comes to the former "Scholar ng Bayan."

GM Arc

Players need someone they can relate with. For Shaiya gamers, that someone is GM Arc. This hardcore gamer represents the entire gaming community in the Amped Team. He knows what players want and how to provide it to them. GM Arc is approachable, friendly, hardworking, and one of the young bloods being mentored by the veteran GM Mossy and GM Zyn to take Amped to newer heights in the future. Have you heard of a GM next door? There you have it.

GM Soshi

You probably won't see GM Soshi that much in Shaiya but that's ok. He's assigned to work undercover anyway. Under the guidance of GM Dredd himself, GM Soshi is tasked to observe the game from the eyes of the gamer and be one with the community. He is funny, reliable, artistic and very creative. He'll talk like any ordinary gamer during the day but will provide some important insights and intelligence reports at the end of the day. Beware schemers and scammers. Keep a secret in-game and GM Soshi will most likely know about it in a day or two.

GM Inah

Mysterious, shy, but a respected figure among Amped gamers, GM Inah started as a computer café owner until she was hired as a GM. She was then assigned as a Quality Assurance Officer for GetAmped and the Product Manager for Amped Casual Games. Her experience armed her with the knowledge and skills needed as the Product Team Head for Amped. The UST Business Administration graduate makes use of her experience in providing the best pieces of advice to GMs, both the seasoned and the new ones.