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Dekaron News

23/04/2013 - It means that you have decided to look beyond the dekaron Dil imper...
Yesterday, I read many classic philosophical sentences, now I share with dekaron Dil you: The past is gone and static. Nothing we can do will change it. The future is before us and dynamic. Everything we do will affect it. You laugh at me for be.....
29/01/2013 - The lamp of the wicked people must be snuffed out dekaron Dil
Yesterday, I read some well-known saying of the dekaron Dil Bible, so I share with you: love other people as yourself; resentment will kill the fool people, and envy can kill the crazy people; the wild donkey will not bray when it has grass, an .....
28/05/2012 - In The Pursuit Of Fun
If grind is not your thing 2Moons unfortunately offers little else. The game seems to be consumed by the obsessive need to gain experience. Like bubble wrap, metaphorically popping away level after level is at first satisfying but after a time w.....
18/04/2012 - 2Moons New Guide for PvP
First of all, do not even try to PvP when you are below level 36, you will just not do well. However, mages gets good at PvP once they obtain their level 36 spells. If you are going for a PvP build, you should opt for a maxed Seize Nimbus at the.....
07/04/2012 - 2Moons News: Skill Guide
Besides having strength to do damage, increasing the level of your skills helps improve your damage rate as well. You can decide what you wish to improve in, but here are some important factors you may wish to train in: -At low level in 2Moons,.....

About Dekaron

  Welcome to this website, in here you only need spend a little money then can to buy much 2moons dil and we often hold preferential activity, only you come here you can get the accidental surprise. Our website is different from other website, if you want to know how different, now come to here. We are always online, we are waiting for you.
   2Moons is a free MMORPG video game published by Acclaim under the direction of David Perry. The game is an adaptation of Korean MMORPG Dekaron by GameHi for the North American market, featuring a new story line. Closed beta testing ended March 7, 2007. The open beta testing phase, which began July 30, 2007, had experienced several delays. Previously, a commercial launch was planned for the summer of 2007, but due to the open beta delay, Acclaim had been unable to give an official launch date for the game. As stated by David Perry, Acclaim is the new kid on the block in the MMORPG market, and they have had many issues to fix while preparing for the open beta launch of the title.
   In 2Moons, players control a single character, and move around a three-dimensional world, completing quests and defeating fiends (which may either be monsters, known in 2Moons as the Pitborn, or other players) to gain experience and become more powerful. In terms of player and player interaction, there is also a PVP option, and sometimes a PK (player killing) option outside safety zones.
   2Moons has a fairly unique combat system that allows you to continually attack your opponent without getting attacked back thanks to a stun delay after every hit. Certain monsters that are at a higher level than you do not get stunned by basic attacks and my require the use of skills in combat. The combat is also much bloodier and gorier than other popular MMORPG. As players level up the skills become more powerful and flashier.
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