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LastChaos News

12/07/2013 - How to Take Care of Your Last Chaos Gold Breast
Core Tip: you should do physical exercise, because a healthy body is a good way to prevent disease. Expect for Last Chaos Gold this, you can pay more conditionings from the diet, such as eat some foods appropriately to help you prevent disease. .....
09/03/2013 - Bitter also can be converted into Last Chaos Gold sweet
What is life actually? Each of us has such doubt, even the Last Chaos Gold philosophers can not really answer the question. We can say that we are the travelers in the journey of life, the suffering likes a hungry wolf chasing after us since we .....
29/01/2013 - We waited patiently for our Last Chaos Gold food
My work is unpleasant and it is always a stone in my Last Chaos Gold heart, makes me breathless. One day, my parents and I went to a very famous restaurant for a dinner, when we ordered, we waited patiently for our food, during the time, my moth.....
16/05/2012 - Crafting skills for Last Chaos
About Crafting skills Crafting skills are open to all classes and cover more general skills such as alchemy and weapon crafting. These allow any person to acquire a crafting skill of their choice with no penalty to their general or passive skil.....
04/05/2012 - LastChaos Guide: Kinds of Skills
1) Special skills can be purchased from various NPCs depending on the skill you wish to advance in. 2) processing skills are acquired from specialists in the type of material you wish to process. 3) Crafting skills from smiths and alchemists. .....

About LastChaos

  Welcome to this website, in here you only need spend a little money then can to buy much last chaos gold and we often hold preferential activity, only you come here you can get the accidental surprise. Our website is different from other website, if you want to know how different, now come to here. We are always online, we are waiting for you.
  Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and up grade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. It is set in the land of Iris, a place where anarchy, terror and ambition reign after an epic struggle between the Gods.
  In the world of Last Chaos, the mortal races fight for power and conquest of Iris. In a land of shifting alliances, bloody betrayals and insatiable ambitions, players have full control of their destiny; every action and decision is meaningful and important. Fate rests on their shoulders and they determine the evolution of Last Chaos''''s story through brutal warfare, brilliant strategy and political power.   By accomplishing missions, learning crafting skills and experiencing adventures in the huge and unknown world, players acquire the bravery, intelligence and strength to become the true ruler of Last Chaos. 
  A powerful graphical engine brings the world of Last Chaos to life like never before. With Bump Map Rendering Technology, a technology that enables high-quality graphics of 20,000~30,000 polygons using only 2,000-3,000 polygons, the game delivers a new level of graphical detail and world interactivity. Filtering Technology, also known as Glow-light effect or Blur filtering technology, allows for crisper, brighter images and gives the graphics a more realistic atmosphere. Last Chaos is the first online game to make use of this technology.
  The Personal Dungeon is a private quest mode where players can go solo in an arcade style gaming environment. This allows players to experience parts of Last Chaos in privacy, and at a more rapid and exciting pace. Players are also rewarded handsomely in experience and treasure!
  Players are able to craft various useful items, which they can personally use or trade with other players. The Item Malls create a convenient method of trading.
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