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Home ยป Shaiya

Select Server:
Etain - Alliance of Light
Etain - Union of Fury
Gaia - Alliance of Light
Gaia - Union of Fury
Lailah - Alliance of Light
Teos - Alliance of Light
DE - FR - IT
Antares-Alliance of Light
Antares-Union of Fury
AURORA - Alliance of Light
AURORA - Union of Fury
BEYLA - Alliance of Light
BEYLA - Union of Fury
CRYPTIA - Alliance of Light
CRYPTIA - Union of Fury
Pandorium - Alliance of Light
Pandorium - Union of Fury
Proelium - Alliance of Light
Proelium - Union of Fury

Shaiya News

20/06/2013 - Shaiya : Iron Invasion Content Update Deployed
Aeria Games has announced that the latest update to Shaiya has been deployed. Called the "Iron Invasion", the new content will pit players against mechanized enemies of all sizes. Other features include new Quest Scrolls and an 'instant PvP acti.....
18/02/2013 - I am just playing a joke. Never Shaiya gold mind
Sometimes I wish I was a bird. So I could fly over certain people and shit on Shaiya gold their heads. I am just playing a joke. Never mind. Now today is the chance. Grab it. If you wait to do everything until you are sure it is right, you will .....
26/01/2013 - I had intended not to ask the money Shaiya gold back
Five years ago, he was on credit about twenty dollars in my Shaiya gold store, at first I thought he would take the initiative to give it back to me, I did not put in my mind because of the small account. But he still did not return to me after .....
07/05/2012 - Tell You Important Skills in Shaiya
Ice: all types in Shaiya, the only pastor for spiritual attack skills, because it costs more than the Blue particular, additional attacks are particularly high. Do not point blame, water properties. Spirit of the priest with the skills to advant.....
24/04/2012 - Know the Shaiya GMs
Don't worry. You're in very good hands. Before we go all out in the OBT, please take time to know more about your Shaiya Game Masters. For the coming days, they'll be your tutors, your enforcers, your guides and your friends. Read through and y.....

About Shaiya

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   Shaiya is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Sonov Entertainment and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games and Entertainment. The game is being launched in Europe. A German Open Beta started on the 3rd of December 2008 and a French version started on the 16th of March 2009. A Turkish version will be soon available.
New players must choose which faction they will play before creating a character: Alliance of Light or Union of Fury. Since these factions are at war, an Alliance player cannot use the game chat features with a Union player and vice-versa. Once a player has chosen a faction, he/she cannot create a character on the opposing faction until all of his/her existing characters have been deleted. The chosen faction determines player available races.
   The appearance of a player character and its starting location are determined by its race. All races of both factions can be either male or female. The same customization options are also available for each race, including hair, eyes, facial features, and height. In addition, the choice of race also determines the available classes for a character.
  Shaiya, pronounced shy-uh, allows players to receive quests - normally by interacting with NPCs. These quests are optional and usually require players to kill certain monsters. Players are free to explore the game world as they please, making Shaiya a sandbox game. Completing quests and killing monsters give players characters experience points. When enough experience is accumulated, the character gains a level and is granted ability points to spend on improving his/her characteristics. The play mode chosen by the player has an effect here where the more difficult modes give more ability points each level. Players characters maneuver in a 3D environment and are able to run, walk and jump. Players have the option of using either click-to-move or WASD controls. All of the available player skills may be dragged into hotbars and assigned keyboard shortcuts. Players can also communicate by many means: In-Game Chat, Whispers, Guild Faction Chat, and Party Chat. The game also includes in-game guides that are backed by actual humans GS, otherwise known as Game Sages, as well as the GMs most players are used to in other RPGs.
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